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Feng Fei, governor of Hainan Province, attended the Symposium on aviation safety production of HNA

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On the afternoon of December 13, HNA aviation safety production symposium was held in Haikou.


On the afternoon of December 13, HNA aviation safety production symposium was held in Haikou. Feng Fei, governor of Hainan Province, attended the meeting and pointed out that he hoped HNA airlines would resolutely implement the decision and deployment of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on safety production, put safety production in the first place, earnestly fulfill the main responsibility of enterprise safety production and ensure aviation safety. The meeting heard the report on the work of HNA aviation safety production. Shen Danyang, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Hainan Provincial Committee and executive vice governor, and Fu xuanchao, Secretary General of the provincial government, attended the meeting. Fang Wei, chairman of the board of directors of Liaoning Fangda group, attended the meeting and introduced the future development ideas of HNA aviation.
On behalf of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, governor Feng Fei affirmed the recent work of HNA aviation in safety production. He pointed out that we should adhere to the party's leadership, strengthen the leading and guarantee role of Party building in enterprise governance and production safety management, and promote the steady and long-term development of enterprises. We should adhere to the principle of stability, always tighten the string of safety, embed the "zero tolerance of potential safety hazards" into the construction of safety governance system, and strictly abide by the bottom line of aviation safety. We should focus on the main business, form core competitiveness and realize standardized and healthy development. We should take multiple measures to stimulate employees' enthusiasm and passion for enterprise development and the construction of free trade port.
Fang Wei, chairman of the board of directors of the group, thanked the provincial Party committee and the provincial government for their concern and support for HNA. Chairman Fang Wei said that Liaoning Fangda group adheres to the guidance of Party building, implements all work in accordance with the instructions and requirements of Hainan provincial Party committee and provincial government, and develops HNA safely and stably. HNA will always adhere to zero tolerance for potential safety hazards, adhere to laws and regulations, adhere to the corporate values of "benefiting the government, enterprises, employees and passengers", establish a unified management system of responsibility, power and interests, and strive to build a world-class airline with first-class safety, first-class service and first-class profit in 20 to 30 years, take root in Hainan and help the construction of Hainan free trade port, We will never live up to the trust and expectations of all sectors of society.
Wang Yingming, President of HNA, reported on the safety work and operation of HNA, as well as the recent deployment of HNA in strengthening the construction of aviation hub in Hainan and accelerating the construction of infrastructure projects.
Chen Jiyang, director of the Research Office of the provincial government, Ren Qinghua, executive deputy leader of the joint working group and leader of the liquidation group of HNA Group, Zhang Shuwei, deputy director of the Provincial Department of transportation, and Chen Yang, director of the provincial local financial supervision bureau attended the meeting. Yan Kuixing, Ao Xinhua, Tang Guilin, Liu Yinan, senior executives of Liaoning Fangda group, Zhan Baidan, senior executives of Fangda iron and steel, Bao Qifa, senior executives of HNA airlines, Liu Lu and other leaders attended the meeting.


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