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Publicity of price comparison information of outsourced processing of Chengdu carbon crucible

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Project Name: Chengdu carbon crucible outsourced processing.

I. Project Overview

(1) Project name: Chengdu carbon crucible outsourced processing.

(2) Project location: No. 88, South 2nd Road, Economic Development Zone, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province.

2. Outsourcing Crucible Processing List and Welding Process Requirements

Serial number

Outsourcing Crucible Processing Specifications



Welding process requirements





(1) The overall size error is ﹢10mm; (2) The welding must be firm, and the joint of the plate should be reserved ≥3mm seam; (3) The height of the welding seam≥5mm; (4) The width of the welding seam≥ Material thickness; (5) Weld penetration ≥ 2/3 material thickness.













Three, quotation

The units participating in this quotation should have relevant business scope qualifications, the quality of processing crucibles must meet the above welding process requirements, and the quotation should include a special 13% value-added tax invoice.

The quotation should be stamped with the company's fresh seal and business license (the copy of the business license needs to be stamped with the fresh seal) and sent to xiaoxiong@fangdacarbon.com before 12:00 on January 4, 2022.

Contact consultation number: Xiao Xiong 18782282970

Four, review

(1) Review time and place

The review is presided over by Party A, and the quotation unit does not participate in the review process.

Judging time: 13:30 on January 4, 2022.

Assessment venue: Office of the Equipment Department.

(2) If the quotation falls under any of the following circumstances, it will be considered invalid after being reviewed by the review team:

1. The quotation is not stamped as required; the content is incomplete or the key words are blurred and unrecognizable.

2. Submit two or more quotations with different contents or submit two or more quotations in one comparison application document, and do not declare which one is valid.

3. Beyond the business scope of the business license.

4. During the evaluation process, if the evaluation team finds that they participated in the competition in the name of others, or participated in the competition by means of collusion, bribery, or fraud.

(3) The evaluation members selected relevant members from the company's expert database to chat with the project participating units on-site by phone or video to determine the winning bidder.

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December 28, 2021


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