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Grain by grain, 2.49 million jin of crab field rice warms people's hearts!

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In recent days, trucks loaded with "Panjin crab rice" have arrived one after another.

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For the past few days, the cars are fully loaded

“Panjin Crabfield Rice”

Trucks arrive one after another

Fangda Special Steel, Jiujiang Steel

Ping'an Steel, Dazhou Steel

Each company is for each employee

Distribute 100 catties of crab field rice

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Each company's distribution site

The employees unloaded, distributed and moved the trucks in an orderly manner

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A row of neatly stacked rice

A happy smile

I can see you coming and going, holding hands and shoulders

Everyone will be full of rice that Fang Da cares about

I am happy to take it home

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Since joining Liaoning Fangda Group, the company has tried every means to improve our treatment. The "money bag" has been inflated, and the benefits have been wave after wave. I am very happy to work in Fangda!

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Driving the "Fang Da sedan" to pick up the crab field rice, I am very happy. The deep care of the group makes me feel very proud and proud of being Mr. Fang, and I am grateful to Fang Da!

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Although the rice is small, it warms our hearts and once again realizes the warmth of the "big family" of Fangda.

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I walked back with rice

Staff talking

happy, happy

It overflows from the bottom of my heart

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The warmth of Fangda

It creates a huge cohesion

Makes a sense of happiness and belonging

Sprouting and growing in the hearts of employees

Condensed to promote

The majestic power of the enterprise!


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