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The Group Won the Honor Title of Top Ten Philanthropic Ventures in Fushun

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      Recently, the selection contest of Top Ten Philanthropic Ventures in Fushun, jointly hosted by Fushun office of Committee for Spiritual Civilization, Department of Civil Affairs, Charity Federation, Red Cross and media of Fushun, has come to an end. With its initiative to fulfill the social responsibility years continuously, emphasis on charity culture in private group based on Party Culture, and recognition from all sectors of society, Fangda Group won the honor title of Top Ten Philanthropic Ventures in Fushun.

     Fangda Group, supported by the policy of reform and opening up, always appreciates policy of the Party. Fang Wei, chairman and president of the Group, who is keen on charity work,takes it as corporate responsibility and exercises with firm commitment. As the Group has been growing, sense of doing charity work has been deeply rooted in the corporation. The group has accumulated a social donation of 145 million RMB for years. Fangda Group has passed on the goodwill all over China to earthquake and flood stricken areas, colleges, hospitals, rural village and elementary schools. 

     Meanwhile, the Group has been nurturing corporate virtue and sentiment within Party culture, to build a harmonious society with a harmonious corporate. The Group, starting from helping the poor and the weak to initially assume its social responsibility, from small to large amount of donation, from small grants to taking charity as corporate welfare cause, has been raising its sense, and takes charity not only as responsibility but also an obligation and mission as a corporate.

     It’s said that this selection contest is aimed to deeply implement general secretary Xi Jinpping’s remarks, put effort in promoting urban transformation, building a happy and beautiful Fushun city, and carrying forward the traditional Chinese virtue of being generous and helping the poor and the weak.

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