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Fang Da's "soldiers in white" rushed to Dalian! Stick to 19 days and nights!

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Since November, the epidemic broke out again in Dalian. Yingkou Fangda hospital under Liaoning Fangda group responded quickly and sent three inspectors to Dalian at the first time.

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Since November

Dalian's epidemic broke out again

Subsidiary of Liaoning Fangda Group

Yingkou Fangda Hospital responded quickly

3 people will be selected for the first time

Testing personnel rushed to Dalian

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As a wife and mother

The daughters of them

The moment I received the notice

without hesitation

Quickly assembled and departed

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After arriving on November 7

They quickly entered the state of work

The average working time is 6-7 hours

Wear protective clothing for long periods of time

All kinds of discomfort

They overcame them one by one

Although it's hard work

But in the face of the epidemic

They are obliged to do so

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In the PCR lab

Sample addition during the extraction of new crown nucleic acid

It needs to be done entirely by hand

This is the detection process

The riskiest and most important link

The experimenter is required to be highly focused

No mistakes

Extract a sampling tube specimen

Unscrew the cap, manually aspirate the sample, and tighten the cap

Align the position of the sample hole to add sample……

Seemingly simple operation

As long as there is a wrong hole position

The experiment will fail

Not only the quality of work cannot be guaranteed

It will also affect the progress of the work

Every inspector

It is repeated thousands of times a day

But everyone has no complaints

Strict quality control and strict procedures

Meticulously do a good job of every sample

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This time, we are helping Dalian against the epidemic. Among the three members of the nucleic acid inspection work, there are two Communist Party members. He Jiajia, a party member born in 1994, said: "In the face of the epidemic, Yingkou Fangda Hospital has repeatedly sent medical staff to Wuhan, Hubei, and Yingkou Bayuquan and Laobian District. The epidemic prevention and control work in other places, and completed the task well. Our Fangda Group donated 200 million yuan to Wuhan, Hubei Province, and 100 million yuan to Liaoning Province for the fight against COVID-19 and the protection of front-line medical personnel; donated 100 million yuan and 100 million yuan to Henan Province for flood control and disaster relief; Donated 100 million yuan to help Shanxi flood control and disaster relief. As Mr. Fang, I am honored and proud to be able to participate in this mission to aid Dalian nucleic acid testing. ”

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19 days and nights in Dalian

The bruises on the girls' faces

It is their most beautiful "war epidemic makeup"

It is also the most precious medal

Nineteen days and nights of perseverance

It is their strongest vow

Three inspectors rushed in

The front line of the fight against the epidemic

Prove with practical actions

In the face of responsibility and responsibility

Mr. Fang will never be absent!


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