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Pursuing dreams, starting from the blue sky and never forgetting the original intention to the future -- HNA Airlines has completed the transfer of actual control and officially joined Liaoning Fangda group

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December 8, 2021 is a day of historical significance in the development process of HNA aviation.


December 8, 2021, is a historic day in the development of HNA aviation. The actual control of HNA Aviation’s operation and management was officially handed over, marking that HNA Aviation officially joined Liaoning Fangda Group, and more than 60,000 cadres and employees of HNA Aviation officially joined the Fangda family. HNA Aviation started a new journey at a new historical starting point and achieved a new Go!

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On the morning of December 8, HNA Aviation held a cadre and employee meeting, and more than 2,500 representatives of HNA aviation cadres and employees from all over the country attended the meeting. Fang Wei, chairman of the board of directors of Liaoning Fangda Group, delivered a speech, clearly depicting the medium and long-term development plan and blueprint of HNA Aviation, and proposed the grand goal of building the world's largest airline in terms of safety services and profits.

Since its establishment, Liaoning Fangda Group has always adhered to the leadership of party building, guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, and earnestly followed the requirements of the party and the country and the needs of society to develop enterprises, adhere to new development concepts, and achieve high-quality develop. Hainan Airlines is the fourth largest airline group in China. The reorganization of Hainan Airlines is a major concern of the whole society, which is related to the livelihood of tens of thousands of HNA employees. The future development of HNA Airlines will consistently and comprehensively carry forward the corporate culture of Liaoning Fangda Group's party building as the soul, with the banner of the party as the banner, the direction of the party as the direction, the will of the party as the will, and always in ideology, politics and action. It is highly consistent with the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core.

Fang Wei would like to express his heartfelt gratitude to the CPC Central Committee, the State Council, Party committees and governments at all levels, and the Civil Aviation Administration for their care, support and guidance to HNA during the difficult period of HNA. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the creditors at all levels for their understanding and support; I am sincerely proud of the HNA people who love the company and never give up.

Looking forward to the future, Fang Wei proposed that Hainan Airlines should first play a good role in the construction of the free trade port, resolutely implement the instructions and requirements of the Hainan Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, and obey the overall development of China's civil aviation industry and the development of the Hainan Free Trade Port. Strategy, determined to build a world airline with first-class safety, first-class service and first-class profit.

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Resolutely build a firm safety bottom line, HNA Aviation will insist on safety first, focus on safe operation and stable development, and resolutely achieve "the sky must be safe, and hidden dangers remain on the ground"; sincere service is the brand of HNA Airlines. The airline will take perfection as its goal, and under the premise of ensuring safety, it will reflect personalized service and the sincere service of all employees, so as to provide passengers with world-class safety, comfort and convenience services; strengthen refined management, All employees must regard the company as their own home, and on the premise of ensuring safety, let HNA Airlines develop into a high-yield company, and implement "good for the government, good for the company, good for employees, and good for passengers".

Adhering to the characteristic development model of Fangda, Liaoning Fangda Group will make use of the rich experience accumulated in the practice of mergers and acquisitions, reorganization and mixed-ownership reform over the years, fully trust, respect and rely on the existing cadre and staff of HNA Airlines, and inject funds while flexibly inputting Based on the "Four Benefits", it is in accordance with laws and regulations, fair and just, implements the principles of marketization and the rule of law, realizes the unity of responsibility, rights and interests, fully mobilizes the enthusiasm of HNA Aviation's cadres and employees, and stimulates the vitality of endogenous power.

Adhere to the development of enterprises while taking social responsibilities. Pay taxes with integrity, never evade tax and evasion; actively restore HNA’s reputation and build corporate integrity; regard employees as the company’s most valuable asset, and strive to create both material and spiritual happiness for employees. It is recommended to restore the original benefits of HNA Airlines; implement profit commission policy and medical benefits Policies, filial piety to parents, free work meals; resolutely implement the "three no reductions", no reduction of one employee, no reduction in wages of employees, and no reduction in employee benefits. “We must not reduce the cost of manpower””“From today, all companies of HNA Airlines must start salaries at the due time. In case of holidays, they must be paid in advance, and the chief financial officer or general manager and chairman of the board will be dismissed one day later. This is Fangda The system!”…… every sentence of sonorous and powerful words, the scene burst into prolonged applause again and again.

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“Thanks to the party and the government for bringing HNA Airlines back to life, we will definitely be able to revive its glory”“It's so exciting, we are full of energy now!”“I believe that HNA Airlines will have a better tomorrow!” present The employees of HNA Airlines are full of pride, and their gratitude has turned into a force for progress.

In line with the original intention of remembering the party's kindness and repaying the society, Liaoning Fangda Group will resolutely implement the spirit of the Party Central Committee and the State Council and the deployment of the Hainan Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, and be responsible for the development of HNA Airlines and all employees of HNA Airlines. , to gather the wisdom and strength of all the cadres and employees of HNA Airlines and nearly 130,000 adults, develop the main aviation business with high quality, jointly pursue a happy and beautiful life, and strive to contribute to building a strong civil aviation country!

New HNA, new departure!


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